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Approved Accounting Customer Reviews

Jon and Trevor have always been a real pleasure to deal with. I particularly like the fact that they always have an eye on streamlining things and saving time, using new technology as it becomes available – as a small business owner I’m very aware of how time is money. I have always felt that it has been a very supportive relationship as they are particularly aware of the needs of small businesses.

They value their customers and their positive, friendly attitude has won them much well-deserved loyalty. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Since moving to Approved Accounting earlier this year we have been continually impressed by their level of service and knowledge. Having searched for an accountant specialising in Xero we came across Approved Accounting and were initially drawn by their fixed fee accounting and local proximity.

Right from the start we knew we had made the right decision, with excellent support in the move from our existing accountants the move has been simple and hassle free. Trevor and Jon are personable and easy to contact with quick responses to emails their service works perfectly alongside Xero to make accounting much quicker, simpler and cost effective.

The contrast to our previous accountants could not be greater and I can genuinely say that a combination of moving to Xero and Approved Accounting has revolutionised the way we do our accounts.

Approved Accounting Customer Reviews
Approved Accounting ClientBLUE BOX SAILING LIMITED
Approved Accounting has provided an excellent service since my business started up ten years ago. As someone who has always regarded accounting as something of a black art, they have always been patient and helped me to grasp the numbers without making me feel stupid! I would highly recommend them.
We have been working with Approved Accounting since 2008. As a small business, we rely heavily on the experience of Jon and Trevor to guide us on the financial aspects of our business, something they have always done with the utmost professionalism.

More recently we have received excellent guidance on forecasting and cash flow projections for our growing business. They are always available to help in a timely manner with valuable advice, always expressed in plain English. With the use of technology we can deal with all our accounting online and over the phone, in real time. We are able to look at the same data on our screens. For us, this time saving initiative is so important because it takes pressure off us, and means we can focus on running the business.

We highly recommend Approved Accounting for all your small business needs, regardless of your location.

Simon WrightSP TOOLS (UK) LTD
Tuppenny Barn is a small ‘not for profit’ social enterprise and has been extremely fortunate to secure the services of Approved accounting for all its financial affairs. Their customer service has always been outstanding and I would highly recommend them as an accountancy firm that truly cares.
Jon has been wonderful to work with. Everything you would expect form a solid, reliable accounting practice as well as everything you might not – kind, helpful, considerate, proactive in everything he does as well as a joy to work with. It has been a pleasure.
When I came across Approved Accounting I knew straight away that I’d found exactly what I wanted: a family-run ethos and down to earth, supportive service. Jon and his team have always been very friendly, approachable, and patient — which was ideal for someone like me who was new to business. They’re responsive to all my queries and I have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients and contacts.
The prospect of becoming a Ltd Company, changing Accountants and software all at the same time was daunting to say the least but we felt confident that the service Approved Accounting offered was the right one for us. The change over went very smoothly and we have found Jon extremely helpful and responsive at all times. Our only regret is that we didn’t make the change sooner.
hodge plumbing heating
Approved Accounting ClientHODGE PLUMBING & HEATING LTD
I work with small limited companies and sole traders who provide doorstep deliveries across the UK. Jon provides a full, easy to understand service from set up to annual accounts and tax computations, complemented by quarterly management accounts. Without exception the people I work with find Jon approachable and helpful, he certainly makes it easier for them to make a success of their business. He ensures there is at least one face to face meeting each year, more in the initial year of trading when the new businessman is learning what is expected of himself. Jon has picked up new clients from within our business from other accountants, purely on the recommendation of his clients to their colleagues.
pensworth review
The prospect of becoming a Ltd Company, changing Accountants and software all at the same time was daunting to say the least but we felt confident that the service Approved Accounting offered was the right one for us. The change over went very smoothly and we have found Jon extremely helpful and responsive at all times. Our only regret is that we didn’t make the change sooner.
Jon Green is the accountant for both myself and my partner; we are both self-employed and I use Xero with Jon’s guidance to do our book keeping and Jon completes our tax and VAT returns for our businesses and investment properties. My partner has had some serious heath issues this year meaning that I have had to take over his finances at very short notice. Jon Green has provided invaluable support and advise and really helped me get to grips with managing my partners day to day affairs and solved some problems with HMRC for me that I would not have been able to deal with alone.I would recommend Jon Green wholeheartedly – responds quickly to questions and requests and goes the extra mile to help when needed. Great service – many thanks!
Sally MillsHampshire
Can I just say it’s been a real pleasure doing business with you guys over the last few months. It’s rare these days to find people who get the job done as promised and are good communicators.
approved accounting reviews
Jon at approved accounting has been helping me with my accounts and general tax enquiries for a number of years. I have always found him to be thorough and very clear in explaining the best way to run my business. In the last couple of years he has assisted me in switching my business from sole trader to LTD company status. He made what could have been a daunting process very straightforward!
For years we had been totally frustrated with our long winded and expensive way of accounting. We needed an accountant that worked with the latest technologies, who had the experience to help us grow our business & push us forward in this competitive world we live in; someone we could send a quick Skype message to and receive an answer! Someone who could share our vision and enthusiasm & help to keep us focused.

We also needed a quick, slick and modern system that could support multiple users in the office and would allow us to log in from anywhere in the world; as well as use on the go with our mobile phones. We needed a system that didn’t break the bank and would provide free regular updates!

Approved Accounting, Jon Green & Xero have made all our dreams a reality…

I have been extremely pleased with Approved Accounting. They always phone back and listen to you to you as a customer. You always feel you’re their focus of attention, when reality is they have a million other things going on. When they say they will do things, they do it. As a small business, you need a trusted advisor and know your accountant will just deliver. I have no hesitation in recommending Approved Accounting to other small businesses that want to deal with a team who get to know you as a customer and work with you!
we get geo
Overall, I love Xero! It is very easy to use as you said and I don’t have many issues at all and if I do, then I easily find the answers in the help… So thanks very much for suggesting this to us.
approved accounting customer reviews
Dysart Press Ltd has been using Approved Accounting for 3 years, and in that time we have been delighted with the support and service it offers. Jon Green, in particular, has advised us with professionalism and enthusiasm, encouraging us to develop the business further as well as keeping us in perfect order at the same time. His advice has been heaven sent at times: encouraging, thoughtful, clear and always supportive. We never hesitate to recommend the company to any associates or friends – and we commend them with confidence.
Victoria LambertDYSART PRESS LTD
It is very comforting for us to see the knowledge you are able to demonstrate on this and we feel it puts us in good stead for the years ahead. We’re both very happy with your guidance and knowledge.
We have been using Approved Accounting for many years now. They have supported and guided us through many changes as the business has grown. Advising us to use Xero has had such an impact on how we can keep totally up to date with all financial transactions. This has not only been hugely time saving but has also meant that we know where are at all times. Xero is a very user friendly and easy application to use.

I would recommend any business to use Xero through the support of Approved Accounting. Thank you Jon for always being there at the end of the phone.

It is very comforting for us to see the knowledge you are able to demonstrate on this and we feel it puts us in good stead for the years ahead. We’re both very happy with your guidance and knowledge.

Approved Accounting Google Reviews

Approved Accounting have had many happy customers over the years that we have been in business, please take a moment to read them. You can also read the reviews left on our Google Business page as evidence of the excellent accounting services we provide.

We wanted to move away from Sage and it's extortionate prices charged for every update required! We wanted an accountant that was contactable and didn't charge us if we wanted simple advise. We wanted an accounting firm that operate in the 21st century providing easy to use systems with up to date accounting technology. We now have all of these things and more, including realistic affordable prices. Jon and his team are passionate and professional. We can highly recommend.
Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor
14:56 23 Sep 18
We have used Approved Accounting for the past 8 years and would unreservedly recommend them to any small to medium business that want a first class service. Jon and Matt put customers requirements at the top of their agenda and spend time ensuring that these are met, many a time going the extra mile to achieve the right outcome. They are an exceptional accounting firm and can be credited in assisting our charity with excellent financial advice.
Maggie Haynes
Maggie Haynes
21:44 17 Sep 18
These guys got me set up and are always ready to help. No question or request is too big or small and they really know their stuff. As I was starting out on my own, they were a very welcome support resource which alleviated a few of many things that I had to overcome! And they continue to support me in many ways as my business evolves.
Philip Hull
Philip Hull
13:04 26 Sep 18
I've been using Approved Accounting for my businesses for around 2 years now, and they've given me an absolutely fantastic service throughout the entire time. It's not just the actual services themselves though, but the personal touch and real interest in learning how my business operates that goes with it. This ensures that we can figure out the best course of action together, to help me achieve my business goals in the most financially effective way possible.
Dan Holloway
Dan Holloway
05:08 14 Sep 18
Switching to Approved Accounting is one of the best business decisions we have made.If you are fed up with just being a "number" , look no further. Jon & Matt and their fantastic team will make you feel valued and more importantly, will add value to your business by offering timely support and advice.
Sally Alvis
Sally Alvis
18:41 05 Sep 18